A fixture of the Idyllwild community, the historic Fireside Inn has been welcoming guests since before the Eisenhower administration! The location is prime, once you park the car and check in you can walk to just about anywhere in town! But despite our central location the Fireside is tranquil and quiet.  It sits on x acres and our neighbors are the Catholic Church and the Community Demonstration Garden.  A seasonal creek runs through the property. 

Every room has a kitchenette and a fireplace, of course! Cozy wood paneling and vintage furnishings instantly give you that back in the day feeling.  Rooms are outfitted with down pillows, organic cotton sheets and bath towels, and Malin & Goetz soaps.


Idyllwild was once the summer home for bands of Cahuilla Indians, who migrated to the area to escape the heat of lower elevation deserts. The Cahuilla's grinding slabs can still be seen in Idyllwild. 

Idyllwild was known originally as Strawberry Valley because of the wild strawberries that grow here, especially beside the creek that runs through town, Strawberry Creek. Shepherds regularly brought their flocks to the valley. In the 1880s, the Domenigoni family of San Jacinto homesteaded land near what is now the Idyllwild Arts Academy. In 1889, George and Sarah Hannahs built a summer camp next to the site of their sawmill in upper Dutch Flat; they named it Camp Idyllwild. By the 1890s a toll road had been built from Hemet, which opened Idyllwild to settlement, logging, and tourism. A post office was established in 1893; at this time, the town was called Rayneta after the Hannahs' son Raymond. 

The single most crucial event to shape Idyllwild’s future occurred in 1897, when President Grover Cleveland, during his last week in office, created by proclamation the San Jacinto Forest Reserve. Since 1871, essentially half the mountain range had belonged to the Southern Pacific Railroad as part of its Congressional land grant for building the southern transcontinental line. Under the Forest Reserve Act of 1891, Cleveland’s proclamation required all as yet unsold railroad land in the new reserve to revert to the federal government. While most of what is now Idyllwild had already been marketed and remained in private hands, the surrounding terrain became public property. After creation of the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and several subsequent reorganizations, the San Jacintos in 1925 became part of the San Bernardino National Forest.

In 1901, the Idyllwild Sanatorium was built to treat tuberculosis patients. The sanatorium was soon remodeled as a resort called "Idyllwild Among the Pines," and, later, "Idyllwild." That same year, the town's official named was changed to Idyllwild. 

Serious climbers in Southern California discovered Tahquitz Rock (also called Lily Rock) in the 1930s. In the 1950s, the Yosemite Decimal System of grading routes was developed at Tahquitz by members of the Rock Climbing Section of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.[3] 

Today there are some 500 named routes up iconic Tahquitz Rock and its near neighbor, Suicide Rock.

In 1950 the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts opened, offering a wide variety of summer programs. It later was a branch campus of the University of Southern California for two decades, but was taken over in 1983 by a locally based group, the Idyllwild Arts Foundation. In 1986 the foundation launched the Idyllwild Arts Academy, the West’s only residential arts high school, which attracts highly talented students from around the world.

* Text attributed to the Idyllwild Historical Society and Wikipedia.


Lodge House

In the 1930's, an aqueduct tunnel was created straight through Mt. San Jacinto to the thirsty fields of the Hemet Valley. The gentleman who owned the half acre parcel adjacent to the Fireside Inn was able to acquire the railroad ties after the aqueduct project was completed, and knitted them together to create an extremely quaint and cute cabin. This cabin features an airy living room with a huge, stone fireplace which reaches from floor to ceiling, and even protrudes through the ceiling to form a chimney. It has a loft area where the queen bed and single bed are, and has a fantastic view of the living room below. The Lodge house has a wood paneled kitchen, a bedroom loft and a spacious deck with chairs, tables and barbecue. Some Fireside Inn patrons insist on staying at the Lodge House and would rather change their travel plans than miss the opportunity to stay here.

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Central Heat + A/c, Standing Shower, Full Kitchen, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Maker,1 x Queen bed, 2 x Pull-out Single Beds.



The Camper

Spend the night in our cute 13 foot 1976 Trillium fiberglass travel trailer! Plenty of room to make coffee and scramble up some eggs or tofu on the two burner stove top. There is no bathroom in this trailer, this can be rented with the Lodge House if you have a larger party!


Cedar Den

The Cedar Den cabin has two bedrooms and a complete kitchen with dining room table and chairs for 4 people to have complete family meals. The Cedar Den also includes a quaint little writing desk in the bedroom to allow you to catch up on your letters or emails. The living room has a comfortable couch and easy chairs, all positioned to enjoy the fireplace and TV. The Cedar Den also enjoys a tremendous view of our lower patio area in the forest.

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Central Heat + A/c, Full Shower/Bathtub, Full Separate Kitchen, Separate Dining Room, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Maker, 1 x King Bed, 2 x twins beds




The Acorn has a large Terrazzo brick fireplace with a full kitchen and all cooking facilities. If you like cozy nights on a sofa in front of a fireplace, this is your cabin. The kitchen is fully equipped with all pots, pans, dishes, etc. and is ready to prepare lovely meals for two in the fresh mountain air. Also air conditioned for summer comfort.

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Full Shower/Bathtub, Full Kitchen, Separate Dining Room, Separate Living Room, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Fireplace, 1 x King Bed



Bear’s Bungalow

The Bear's Bungalow is nestled near the back of the property near our outdoor fountain area. It features a bedroom with a king sized bed, a full kitchen and a wraparound couch and a 48" HD TV as well as a stone hearth fireplace. The Bear's Bungalow also has a rollaway extra bed in the living room in case of child or you require separate sleeping areas.

Amenities: Wifi, 48 inch TV, Cable, Central Heat + A/c, Full Shower with Bathtub, Full Separate Kitchen, Dining table, Separate Living Room, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Fireplace, 1 x King Bed, 1 x Rollaway extra Bed 



Blue Jay

The Blue Jay features a large fireplace, knotty pine paneling on the walls and open beam ceiling, as well as a complete kitchen and air conditioner. Two large, overstuffed chairs await you for a romantic evening by the fireplace with your favorite vineyard vintage.

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Fireplace,Central Heat + A/c, Standing Shower, Kitchenette, Mini Stove, Mini Fridge, Coffee Maker, Convection Oven



Pine Cone

The Pine Cone is a very charming air conditioned cabin with a large semi-circular fireplace and two simple chairs that sit near the fire so you may enjoy the warmth and glow of the fireplace. It has several unique features such as a dutch door into the kitchen and a writing desk in the alcove between the living room/dining room and the restroom. It also features a classic door latch from the Middle ages, with a drop latch mechanism which is rare to see. But of course, the door also has a state of the art deadbolt for added security.

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Fireplace, Central Heat + A/C, Kitchenette, Mini Stove, Mini Frig, Coffee Maker,Convection Oven, Full Shower with Bathtub, 1 x Queen Bed, Option to extend with Squirrels Nest for a larger family.



Squirrels Nest

The Squirrel's Nest features a private patio area where you are free to entertain or enjoy the starlight under the Mt. San Jacinto skies. The Squirrels Nest also has an air conditioner and an adjoining door with the Pine Cone which can be opened creating a suite of rooms with two fireplaces and two beds and two bathrooms, capable of sleeping four if rented with Pine Cone.

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Fireplace, Central Heat + A/c, No Kitchen, Convection Oven, Coffee Maker, Fireplace, Studio,  1 x Queen Bed



Raccoon’s Retreat

With its raccoon theme and its central courtyard location, many consider the Raccoon's Retreat their place to hide away and retreat from the world for a little while. Very quiet and cozy, the Raccoon's Retreat features a river rock fireplace and a kitchenette, as well as a bath tub and shower. It is also our quietest cabin, because it doesn't have a neighboring cabin - it is attached to the office complex. 

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Fireplace, Central Heat + A/c, Kitchenette, Stovetop, Coffee Maker, Convection Oven, Studio, 1 x King Bed



Oak Leaf

What better way to enjoy a night than firelight by the bed? Many love this configuration, as it allows for lying in bed and watching the fireplace and TV at the same time. It also has a private, fenced area in the back for a quiet retreat from the hectic pace of city life. Open beam ceilings complete the spacious freedom feeling, with air conditioning available for summer weather.

Amenities: Wifi, Cable Tv, Fireplace, Central Heat + A/c, Kitchenette, Stove, Coffee Maker, Convection Oven, Separate mini Kitchen, 1 x Queen Bed



Off-Site Cabins are not located at the Fireside. They are scattered around Idyllwild nestled in nature. These cabins do not have cable. Please be prepared to enjoy the peace and quiet and the sound of nature! 


The Violin House

This wood and stone, mid-century sanctuary sits away from the road, down in the forest, on acres of undeveloped hillside. Epic views of Mt San Jacinto and sunset towards the ocean will make your troubles fade away. Hand built in 1979 by a violin maker (exceptional acoustics) and meticulously renovated, this home provides the surreal experience of complete privacy in nature surrounded by stunning architecture.

Amenities: Wifi, Tv no Cable, Movie Collection, Full Kitchen, BBQ, Finnish Soap Stone Fireplace, Central Heat + A/c, 3 x Queen Beds, 1 x Bathroom Standing Shower, 1 x Half Bath



The Summer Solstice House

Cantilevered & perched on a protruding boulder at tree level, this is Dennis Mcquire’s first house built on the hill. With clear day views to the edge of LA and the beach near Laguna, this California-Zen sanctuary is a unique architectural gem. The House's prow extends on a direct angle to the summer solstice setting sun. Absolute relaxation in the tree tops. Exquisite architectural details. 

Amenities: Wifi, No TV, Full Kitchen, Fireplace, Central Heat + A/c, Hot-tub, 2 x Queen beds, 2 x Full Baths



The Birdhouse

Classic IDY cabin built in the late Forties. River rock fireplace keeps thing cozy during the chilly months. Relax, read, birdwatch or dine on the spacious wrap around deck overlooking the large back yard. Enjoy the fragrant blossoms of the gigantic lilac bush and young fruit trees when in bloom. Furnished with vintage local furniture and remodeled bath.

Amenities: NO WIFI, NO TV, Fireplace, 2 x Full Beds, 1 x Standing Shower bathroom



The Fireside Inn

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